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  Testimonials; written & video
  The Spanish 4x4 holiday 2012 was without doubt one of the best holiday experiences ever. Phil and Savi are the best (absolutely bonkers) hosts you could wish for, their experience and local and not so local knowledge is priceless.
The driving experiences were fantastic and varied, dry rivers, wet rivers and mountain tracks with a great place to visit during the days driving, great food or jumping off rocks into nice cool water often involved.
I have never hired a vehicle from anyone else where the owner was giving me stick for being too slow or gentle with the vehicle, the "Driving Miss Daisy" rip, makes everybody give it more gas.
Good tent, great shower and a real toilet whilst wild camping is a bonus. If you have become a bit settled and stayed, this is the holiday that will wake you up and deliver great adventure combined with a challenge and brilliant fun.
At 54 I was described (very politely by Phil and Savi) as a more mature visitor for this holiday. I had a great time and will be returning. It is camping, it is off roading and it is an amazing holiday.
Kevin Barber. August 2012
    Here is Mandy and Stewart after a week in our Land Rover Discovery. Excellent week of brilliant sunshine spent with fabulous people. Stuart you are forgiven for bending the steering arm!
  Here is Pete, Pam, Ivan, Kath & Brian with a few of their thoughts at the end of the week. We had a great week and some hysterical moments. There are some videos of the hols further down.
  This is Ellis, Jackie and Harry with their TD5 Discovery at the end of the week packing up. Another cracking week of exploring and getting stuck as well as some fantastic evenings round the fire and BBQ talking and laughing.

Here is Andy and Liz with a few words and you'll hear Jackie from the previous testimonial stick her 2 pence worth in for effect, a very funny week which has turned out to be one of the things we are remembered for ,a jolly good laugh,

There is some more video below of Andy & Liz making the TD5 really work in the Riverbed.

  This is Dave & Annie and we filmed this on one our "days off" when we went to a lagoon with lots of places to jump in and swim through. It was an awesome day off with great people.
  Bill & Maggie were with us for 2 weeks and some of the crazy end of season stuff we did was very funny. We went climbing, abseiling camping at the top of a mountain along a deserted dead end track. Winched the Landrover up a Dam and used the winch to pull us up it after we abseiled down. We found and explored more untravelled tracks some of which we'll need a chainsaw when we return too.

Here's a note from Rick & Jennie from our first year and we hope to see them again.

Hi Phil & Savi

I just thought I would drop you a line about our holiday with you last year. We had an amazing time, from meeting you on the Dam to leaving you on the Dam a week later. It was an action packed holiday but at the same time very relaxing. I loved the camping area, our tent was huge and cosy and very clean. It was a lovely surprise to find a real flushing loo and the shower was great, hot water whenever we needed it. We enjoyed our time out on the lake, not being able to swim I surprised myself going out in the water with you guys but it was great fun. We crammed in so much in that week and I took 2501 photos so lots of lovely memories.

Barcelona was good and the train back was hilarious, I still can see us all jumping on that train only to find it wasn't the one we wanted and wasn't actually going anywhere. Carpe Diem was a brilliant experience great food and accommodation. All in all this ranks up there with the best holidays we have had and thank you both for making it such a great experience, it makes us want to explore the area even more.

Hope lots of people are going this year because they will all have a great relaxing memorable holiday.

Best wishes
Jenny & Rick
P.S sorry it has taken so long to write but you know how it is when real life takes over lol


Spanish4x4........without the 4x4

We wouldn't consider ourselves overlanders or 4x4 fanatics. We had a plan to go see a bit of rural Spain and try the Range Rover out whilst doing so.....or at least that was the plan......
The Range Rover never made it to the start line, gearbox problems saw to that. However, with the help of Phil and Savi, it was not the end of the holiday.
Every day there was something to do - a trip to tag along with, a place to drive to, a disused track to navigate, a site to explore.
Nights at base camp, with no artificial light for as far as the eye could see, were just as rewarding and a fantastic place to chill out, plan the next days adventure and chat about the vagaries of life with our hosts and other guests - reassuringly very little time was spent chatting about 4x4's.
Several months on, hardly a day goes by when we don't mention something about the holiday to each other.

Rob & Denise


Sammy T sent us this

I had my first holiday abroad in July 2011, and there was no better way to spend it than with Phil and Savi.

It was an amazing experience. I loved doing all the off roading tracks, and going up massive mountains at 11 o’clock at night! The best bits were going on the mountains late at night, going to all the different restaurants, going into the sea with the land rovers and then after a long day of off roading, just relaxing until about one in the morning! It was the best way to spend my first time abroad. It was an amazing experience and I’d love to go again!

Barbie xxx

  More coming soon!
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