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Spanish 4x4 Club

Welcome to the club.
This is where we will post our ideas, offers, events and anything else we can think of. It wont always be fluid or in any sort of order but it'll be different and interesting

If you scroll down the page each idea or mission statement will be Highlighted.
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 Workshop Facilities & Restoration projects


August Fiestas 2017
An absolutely awesome time of year to be out as there is always something going on. In our village fiesta week is the 23rd til the 28th and the final night is devils night and if you think you've seen fireworks, think again, its unbelievable.  As soon as we get the full itinerary for the week we'll update this section. Do Not miss out on this week I plan to watch at least one of the firework display from a mountaintop overlooking a village.




Volunteering Weeks

Over the summer we are looking for people to help with work and clearing the land, spreading stone, trimming trees, digging and all manner of jobs. All you need is a tent, sleeping bag and food money.


Leave your Car with us for the season for weekend escapes.
As we are less than 2 hours flight from the UK and we have a base camp, we can offer you the opportunity to come out at the beginning of the season with your 4x4, have a holiday and park it up with us afterwards enabling you to jump on the plane as many times as you feel like without the expense and time of driving to the sun for some adventure.
You would need to make sure your car is legal for the year so it has MOT & Tax when you return to the UK. You could also use this resource to take advantage of our other trips which will be posted as we create them. If you are having a holiday with us and continuing further afield later in the season, Morocco for instance we are only 2.5 hours from Barcelona port where a ferry will take you all the way to Tangier.


Christmas & New Year 2017
This year we are having a party for Christmas and New year. Its still in the beta phase of planning but we want to include a Hog Roast, lots of bbq's and beverages with mountainside movies and some nice days out exploring the scenery. We also plan to visit the pyrenees, which are less than 3 hours drive away, for a bit of skiing between the X-mass and NewYear.  Lots more ideas coming for this so stay tuned.
More Dates and Ideas Coming.If you have any please email us

Workshop & Facilities

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