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About Us

Hi, we are Phil and Savi. Together we operate Spanish4x4.

We began exploring our small piece of paradise in Spain 10 years ago, and it's perfect for an adventure. It's so wonderful being able to enjoy the beautiful climate, breathtaking scenery and the mountains in this part of North Eastern Spain, a province called Catalunya.

Our friends and family enjoyed the peace, tranquillity and also our trips through the stunning Catalan mountain scenery. From this came the idea for Spanish4x4. Inspired by the top gear specials and all the countless magazine articles about overlanding, we thought it would be nice to re-create and share with you the experiences we have enjoyed over the years, and offer the chance to try it for yourself while having an awesome holiday. 

Being a small operation, compared to other companies offering this type of holidays, doesn't mean you're holiday is less satisfying. It merely means that you get a more personal service.

We both love off roading and exploring, so we're always looking for new and interesting routes and places to visit.

Both Savi and I are big kids at heart. We love boating and having fun on the beautiful river Ebro. A good day off spent on the Ebro is one not to be missed! We've found lots of places where you can go rock jumping, swimming, going for picnics, fishing on the mighty Ebro and so much more.

Our village is definitely far from the maddening crowd. It has charm, history and breathtaking scenery in abundance. Our part of Catalunya is truly stunning. Our landscape is as diverse and stunning as you will find anywhere in Europe!

We will personally show you the wealth of architectural, cultural, artistic and gastronomical riches our part of Catalunya has to offer.

Our affordable prices do not reflect on the quality you will receive. We aim to offer you the best quality cultural adventure holiday. Some, if not all, of our previous guests will testify that you will get more value for your money, and we will do whatever we can to make your holiday with us just that: A HOLIDAY.

Our pace is different to many other operators. We do not wake up at the crack of dawn, drive relentlessly for hours with no opportunity to actually enjoy the breathtaking landscape. We aim to provide a real cultural adventure holiday in a relaxed and enjoyable fashion.

At the end of your holiday we hope you take home with you some wonderful memories of good off roading, stunning scenery, amazing views and much more.

Hope to see you soon with or without your own 4x4!

Phil & Savi
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